Mute Tweets allows you to temporarily unfollow someone who's being too noisy, refollowing them after a given period of time.

Before you can start using the service, you need to connect Mute Tweets to your Twitter account so that it can unfollow and refollow on your behalf. Don't worry--Mute Tweets won't ever do anything else to your Twitter account, and you can revoke access any time.


To mute someone, just tweet:

[d] @mutetweets <@noisyperson> <length of time>

<length of time> follows the format <number><unit>, where <unit> is one of "m" (minutes), "h" (hours), or "d" (days).


@mutetweets @scobleizer 3h # mute @scobleizer for 3 hours
d mutetweets @scobleizer 3h # send a direct message instead

(To send direct messages, follow mutetweets--it will follow you back.)


-v or -verbose get direct messages when your mute starts and ends
Example: d mutetweets @scobleizer 3h -verbose

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